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Android Device

Android Accessibility

How can you make your Android easier to use if you have a visual impairment? Any thoughts?

Jordyn Castor, engineer

Inspiring Apple Engineer

This wonderful article surfaced about an inspiring Apple Engineer – only 22 years old, and making changes to the partially sighted community. Jordyn Castor has been blind since birth and due to her passion and knowledge for technology she’s now working as an Apple Engineer.

moneyReader App

Money Reader

LookTel Money Reader for iOS recognises currency and will speak the denomination to you, a helpful quick app for anyone with a visual impairment or sight loss. 


OrCam Demo

Here at the Wilberforce Trust we are working to help people with a visual impairment or sight loss to use technology to help make things more manageable in their everyday lives. Our CEO Philippa came across this exciting new technology and we are looking forward to a demo in house!