Get your device to work for you. Ask Siri to play your music, write your texts, describe the weather and much more!

Siri is described as an intelligent personal assistant. It is a service on an iOS device that helps with making notes, calendar appointments, writing texts, place phone calls, searching the internet and a wide variety of other capabilities – just using your voice to activate them.

What do I do with Siri?

You can ask Siri questions – get driving instructions, find out the weather, ask where the nearest restaurant is, send messages… you need to set this facility up beforehand (and only once) and then it will work for you. Set up consists of the system listening to your voice so it will recognize the way you sound and will be able to help you better. You might also set up your details so that it can use them later.


To make sure Siri is activated on your device, go to settings on your phone, in the settings menu select General, and then select Siri. There are a few options here and from this menu you can turn it on by using the slider to select on.


Hold down the Home Button until a message asks, “What can I help you with?” Then say what you need. You will feel a slight vibration when Siri is ready for your question. Earlier versions of iOS also played a chime sound and if you have headphones on you will hear the chime sound still.

Also note that if you are using VoiceOver then you will hear this chime as well.


One of the display screens when asked what the weather is like today.

You can also set up a feature of just saying “Hey Siri” when your device is plugged in so you don’t even need to touch the device. Again it is one of the settings in the Siri tab of the General menu in Settings.

You can talk to Siri once you’ve set it up and then ask questions, make arrangements and use it to make things a little easier with your device.

This screen shows asking Siri what the weather is like. It will be read out and there is also a visual display of the information.

Siri is contextually aware and you can say things like, “remind me to call my husband when I leave the office”, and it will be able to use your location (if you have previously given permission) to determine when you leave and then issue the reminder. Another handy thing to use it for is to set alarms, just saying “set an alarm for tomorrow morning at 7am” is a quicker and easier way to set your device.

What apps can be used

Siri is connected with Messages,Weather, Calendar, Reminders, Maps, Music, Mail, Clock, Contacts, Notes, Safari and Stocks. You can also use it to search within apps such as Twitter, and do web searches or adjust your settings.

Other things

Siri is a great tool to use to make appointments and get information quickly, you can also ask it funny questions such as “what is zero divided by zero?” and “when is the world going to end?”.