The 2016 conference is now over and what a great success it was! The conference focused on the topic of ‘Research, Information & Technology’.

We were privileged to have some fantastic speakers discussing some really interesting areas of research.

With a host of delegates from both local and national organisations the day was a great forum for discussion .

Key Speakers:

Rachel Woodall & Holly Brown  – ‘Understanding what happens in the brain when vision is lost as a result of eye disease’

Nicola Topping  – ‘The changing face of macula disease’  

Dr Hannah Bartlett – ‘Eye Health, the right nutrition for AMD’

Keir Yong  – ‘Seeing what they see: Compensating for cortical visual dysfunction in Alzheimers disease’

If you would like any more information on these presentations please contact Jane Drake

We’d love to look towards running an event again as Yorsight Conference 2017, so feel free to get in touch if you have suggestions on speakers, content, things you’d be interested in hearing about as we put our programme together, hope you’ll join us again! 

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