There may be certain settings that you find make things easier on a smartphone, such as Voice Over or Invert Colours. You can easily get to these settings directly without having to find them hidden away in a setting… Turning settings on and off can make a smart phone easier to use. However, it can also be difficult to remember sometimes where these settings are, or what you did to turn one on and you can’t find where to turn it off again!

This is where Siri makes things a lot easier. Ask for the setting you want and you can turn it on or off through Siri directly, or ask to see the particular setting and adjust it yourself.

Settings screen

Some Examples:

Show accessibility settings

Press and hold the home button on your smartphone > Siri will start and will be waiting to hear you speak > ask Siri to “Show Accessibility Settings” > release the home button and the main settings page will open.  Now you can control the setting you like.

If you know you want a particular setting on or off:

Turn Voice Over On

Press and hold the home button > Siri will start > “Turn on Voice Over” > Release the home button

Speak Screen

A really useful command is Speak Screen – if you are on a message, email, webpage – anywhere with text really, you can ask your phone to Speak Screen. All you need to do is hold the home button > say “Speak Screen” > and release the home button and it will begin to read your screen if there is something to read. this is for each individual screen so it is different to voice over so a nice feature to use if you only want the single screen content to be read.

Invert Colours

Press and hold the home button > Siri will start > “Turn on Invert Colours” > Release the home button


Once you ask Siri to turn something on or off, you will then be given a confirmation screen, (Shown in the image) and this will show you the settings being turned on or off.

You can also turn these settings (and more) off, but doing the same but asking Siri to “turn off” instead.

Some other settings you may find useful:

  • Voice Over
  • Zoom
  • Invert Colours
  • Greyscale



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