Speak Screen is a great addition to accessibility tools for iOS products. You enable it in the accessibility settings and then when you want the screen contents to be read use a 2 finger swipe downwards motion on your screen. 

How to enable SpeakScreen

1 Open the Settings app

2 then go to General settings > Accessibility

3 in the Vision section there is a menu item Speech

here you can enable the options you’d like

Speak Screen will read the item that is on screen, so it might be a web page or email that you’d like to have read out to you.

Activate Speak Screen

To activate Speak Screen, drag from the top of the screen with two fingers, (a special gesture). Also, if you use Siri, instead of using a gesture to start Speak Screen, use your voice. Siri works great for this purpose. Just bring up Siri and say “Speak Screen” and your device will start reading the current screen. OR you can just say, “Hey Siri, Speak Screen”.


This works very differently to VoiceOver, with VoiceOver it reads all areas of your screen, so it will tell you exactly what is underneath your finger, if it is a button and if you can double click it to activate for example. Speak Screen does exactly that – it just speaks what is on the screen content area, so if you used it for example on your main home page, it won’t read out your icons, it will only read out content. (an email, list, app content, web page etc)

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