Here at the Wilberforce Trust we are working to help people with a visual impairment or sight loss to use technology to help make things more manageable in their everyday lives. Our CEO Philippa came across this exciting new technology and we are looking forward to a demo in house!OrCam are working to make things easier for people with a visual impairment. It’s creating devices that have a wearable smart camera and artificial intelligence to assist people in their daily lives. The device can read text or recognise faces and from what we’ve been reading, that;s just the start. We feel very excited that there is a lot of scope for the future of these devices.

We are having a demonstration from the folks at OrCam to see the device for ourselves and have a try to see it working live and we’ll be sure to post our findings in a later post.

Are you interested in a device that might help you in your daily activities, giving you more independence and confidence? We’d love to give you a demonstration and try of how the device could support you so get in touch!

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