Our kiosk launch event was a great success and the day was filled with great discussions about technology and resources for individuals with a visual impairment or hearing loss. 

Kiosk Launch at National Railway Museum

Thank you to everyone who attended our Kiosk Launch at the National Railway Museum and made the day such a success!

We had a great day and hope the information was useful and worthwhile. Here is an overview of the details about the day. Feel free to email our team with any questions or further comments (even suggestions!).

Details about the Information Kiosk

The kiosk launched at the event is an interactive display that provides useful information for individuals with sight loss or hearing impairments. This can be used by themselves or by friends, families or carers who know or help an individual who would like more information.

The kiosk content can be altered from a computer and so provides up to date relevant information. We are looking to rent out the kiosk to your organisation or they are available for purchase. Please get in contact with us for more information.

We are promoting accessibility for all.


We had presentations regarding making websites accessible and accessibility settings and ways to make it available for all. This was accompanied by a live demonstration about tools that are used and things that need checking when developing websites. There was also a presentation regarding the road of development that

Technology and Apps from the day

We spent some time talking about apps and technology that could be useful, so we thought we would recap some of that here.

Briefly, we discussed:

  • Apple Watch – is it starting to come into it’s own? It provides navigation, alerts, answering a call, writing a text with your voice, an easy way to find your phone, and to use Apple Pay in stores.
  • We also mentioned an infrared cane, the EyeCane, that was being tested, that has a small torch-like appearance and uses infrared to communicate to the user through vibrations about potential obstacles. More Information available https://yorsight.org.uk/2016/09/gadgets-that-see/
  • Discussions about 3D printers and a variety of potential uses, we discussed printing maps of interiors and exteriors or printing paintings or photographs.
  • Also discussed were things like ‘Hey Siri’ for commands such as writing a text message or email.
  • Along a similar area was using ‘Alexa’ from Amazon, called Echo or Dot, which is a stand alone device in two sizes connected to the internet.
  • Also from Amazon was the Dash ‘button’ which is connected to a single product. It can be stuck on appliances or anywhere convenient and it takes one press to re-order an item and be delivered the next day.
  • VisionSim is an app for friends and family to learn more about a particular visual impairment and using the camera from their device they can look at how things may appear to an individual with that type of sight loss.
  • Most of the apps people were generally familiar with but just to mention, apps such as Blindfold Racer, Simon, Zany Touch, BlindScape, Choice of the Dragon which is a text based game with interesting stories and choices to make (to turn off ads it costs £3.99), SixthSense: 3D Sound horror zombies and Sero, which is radio, podcasts, movies might be new to some.


Lots of content covered I’m sure you’ll agree! Thanks again for your participation, the conversations and discussions were valuable and we had a great day!

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