Consultancy & extended help service for Technology

We are very excited to bring you a range of services to enable you to use technology a little easier. We understand that sometimes it can be daunting to re-learn things that you already were doing or maybe taking up a new skill to do things differently – but let our experts lend a hand! More information on all these services are available on the technology services page.

Using technology day to day is becoming a necessity to access information and keep in touch with friends and family. We can show you ways to do that easily and quickly without any hassle. Our friendly face helps you to learn about the services you find useful, at your pace and with your needs in mind.

Here is a brief overview of what we offer and for a full details and information visit our technology services page.

FREE technology Drop-in Sessions, both at The Wilberforce Trust and from Spring 2017 at York Explore Central Library!

FREE 1-2-1 service, here or in your own home, call for an appointment on Mondays or Wednesdays.

We also offer consultancy and training for business and have a trainer package on offer, 7 sessions throughout the year with a retainer fee, and then additional time as needed can be purchased. We can also deliver demonstrations, talks and presentations. Or if it suits you better we can provide a per hour session. This is a great way to get a tech group together and be able to have an assistive technology specialist join your group to help the conversation, discussions, demonstrations and general trouble shooting of devices. Either way, we offer a depth of useful information that will provide a great basis for understanding what settings and services are available and how to configure them.

NEW: Subscription Service for community or individuals

We are excited to say that we now have a subscription service! This enables us to post out seasonal priority information pack containing the latest updates to technology information. This includes shortcuts, tips and tricks, app reviews, suggestions and other various hardware technology information. This information will also be available online through a membership link provided; where members can download a pdf, listen to audio files or use a reader online to access the information. This is a great way to keep up to date and confident with using technology!

Currently, yearly membership fees for community are £140 and £20 for an individual.

More information on all these services are available on the technology services page.

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