Dolphin are bringing Easy Reader to the smartphone for Free.

COST: iOS Version FREE, Android to be confirmed

As of, May 2017 you can download the Dolphin Easy Reader app for iPhones or Android phones. This app allows you to choose from accessible libraries, and alter the fonts, font sizes, and colours. There is access to collections of talking books and newspapers.

Dolphin will read out text copied from your smartphone. There are font size options that allow you to make the font very large – so you can read it without using the voice features too. It’s also easy to zoom in with the 2 finger pinch and zoom action. You can skip to specific pages or headings too.

Connecting Services

Please note that a large amount of these services will require you to have a username and password to use them. You can directly set up an account with the libraries you are interested in; just visit them online and set up your account.  To get the most out of this app and to find it useful you will need these other accounts so that is something to be aware of. There are free books in the ePub books section that you can download. You don’t need to be logged into any account services to access the ePub books. These books listed, however, are not very easy to navigate, and in most cases, it is just the book title listed and not a description of the book. So it can be hit and miss and difficult to navigate.


When you open a book, you can use VoiceOver to navigate and hear the book, but the included reader seems to work seamlessly to read all the text. This may be a better option. But do note that the included voice isn’t as good as when using the VoiceOver setting on your device. You can purchase additional voices through the app.

Also important to note that books with DRM protection – so purchases through Kindle and Apple’s iBooks are not compatible.


The best advice from us would be that as the app is free it may be worth a try and see how it suits you.

Visit EasyReader on Windows for more information. There is a free one-month trial for windows easy reader, which is then a £40 fee if you want to purchase the software on a Windows machine.

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