A new device from Amazon, the Echo Show, brings video to their popular Alexa assistant. It’s released on June 28th in the US and soon after is the anticipated release in the UK. What is it? …

The Amazon Echo and Dot devices have been around for a little while now are a great way to have quick access to information. From assistants that didn’t do a lot in the beginning, they have continually been updated to become very reliable and useful devices. This is a very easy to use piece of technology. It’s highly accessible too!

Details of the Echo and Dot

The Echo and Dot systems are very easy to use once they are set up. You do need to connect to your home wifi network as it makes use of the internet. You also have to connect it to your Amazon account.

It works with just your voice, so you speak to it and it responds to you. This is something I’ve been trialing myself for a while now and have spoken with others who are enjoying using the system.

More Information

INFORMATION about the system and how to use it can be read on the Amazon website.

Some things you can do with it currently:

  • Control your music by saying “Alexa, play some Classical” without having to pick up your phone or radio etc
  • Ask for weather information by saying “Alexa, what’s the weather?”
  • Get other handy information such as the time, or what’s in your calendar
  • Alexa can also help out in the kitchen with commands such as “Alexa, set a timer for 25 minutes”

How is Show different?

The new video aspect means that there is also visual confirmation or information – it may have the time and temperature, or display your timers. You can ask it to play videos or video services and it could be used for Skype calls. Also, if the device is in a kitchen you might want it to follow recipes for you. So, it’s anticipated that it will do all the things it currently does but for people with vision or other family members in the household who may want visual confirmation then this could be a good device for you. It will cost around £100 more than their current technology devices so if the Dot at £49.00 is working well enough for you then you will have to consider what features this device will bring to you.

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