In this quarterly ‘apps, edition we are discussing Blindsquare, AccessNote and YesChef? Blindsquare will help with navigation, AccessNote is a ‘notes’ application to keep your notes in one place, and YesChef is for recipes that can be read out and followed when you’re in the kitchen.


Website for more information

COST: iOS Version £38.99

BlindSq Event is a free version that will let you try some of the functionality out before purchasing. This uses a ‘demo mode’.

This is a navigation app that can direct you to bus stops, what’s around you and similar. You can choose at what distances to suit you. When you launch the app it starts immediately with locations, where you are currently – then it described where my nearest bus stop is and told me what bus and when it would arrive.

The app has frequent updates the latest is a new way to share locations using a 3-word system. There is a Blindsquare podcast which is audio that can describe to you the best way to use this app.

The video is from a few years back but it demonstrates the basics of the app. It now has more functions and is constantly being improved with additional features. It would be a good idea if you are interested in purchasing this app to listen to a few of their tutorials to be sure it will suit you and your lifestyle.


Website for more information, Quick Start Guide

COST: FREE iOS VersionAndroid

This is a free app that is for creating notes. They are fully accessible so it’s worth a mention as an app you may like to try – especially as it’s free. However, it’s worth pointing out that the Notes app that comes with iOS is very good and also accessible. This may be one for Android users where the accessible notes apps are more difficult to find.

The video covers some other Accessible settings but they do talk through the App, as well as using it with a keyboard. It hasn’t been updated for over a year now but the reviews are still coming in as very positive and worth a try.


Website for more information

COST: iOS Version FREE

This is a hands-free recipe assistant. There are specific commands you can use to repeat steps or to read out the ingredients. The app explains as you use it, so you can learn as you go. You can start by asking the app to search for an ingredient for a recipe and when you are happy with the recipe choice you can begin cooking. A handy app!

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