This week we welcomed staff from John Lewis (Leeds) to participate in our specialist Sensory Awareness Training day. This is a course designed and delivered by our highly qualified staff which highlights the many issues that those with a sensory impairment may face on a day to day basis. 

The day started with a tour of our specialist sensory room to see the equipment that might be used for sessions. Following on from that they participated in the morning session of learning about different eye conditions and how sight can be affected. Part of this training includes a real hands-on approach. There are glasses to be worn as well as outdoor activities such as trying to cross the street when vision is obscured! (Yes, this is all done in a safe and secure way.) There are then communication exercises too.

It was great to have real-life examples of how people can be affected by sight loss.

The afternoon consisted of training about technology and a discussion about how technology can be used to help individuals with sensory impairment. This included looking at current technology out there and the settings, apps and features that could be used to help. After the technology session, there was a revisit to the sensory room where there was a session in progress. They were invited in to participate and see how the sensory equipment was used in an active session.

Following on from that the day ended with a tour of our new Hub and specialist equipment that people can try and purchase. The team engaged with the day really well and a good time of participation and learning were achieved.

Please come and join us for further training and activity days at the Trust!

(photograph by Eamonn Dunne)

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