UPDATE: It’s here!  January 24th will see another family member of the Amazon Alexa enabled devices!

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The Echo Spot is a compact device with a small touchscreen. It is shaped like a small alarm clock and they suggest that it would make a great bedroom addition. Using this device as an alarm clock seems to be the main point – however, this device can do so much more!

This has the capabilities of the basic Alexa enabled device as well as a small screen so you can see your alarms, notifications, video friends and family and other uses. The smaller form makes it less expensive than the Echo Show which is a large screen though it still costs more than the devices without video.

So far the family of Alexa enabled devices from Amazon consists of the smallest device, the Dot, which is a great starter device and then they have made second-generation versions of the Echo which now comes in two larger sizes. These also have better speakers and the larger one ‘Plus’ includes a hub now so it is easier to connect to other devices in your home.

On sale from 24th January.

Price £119.99 from Amazon.

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