A while back we mentioned the app Be My Eyes and the role it can play in a persons day to day life. The app connects visually impaired people with volunteers. These volunteers can then ‘see’ through the use of the video function on a smartphone to describe something to the visually impaired person. Typically it is for things like clothing colours or food choices but it can be for a wide-ranging area of help.


Reviews from the community include that talking to a real person adds a level of connection and both parties benefit from the experience.

From a recent email sent by the Be My Eyes team: Krissy’s story is part of our Community Stories series. People all over the world use Be My Eyes in their everyday lives. Many of them write us about their experience with the app and folks they connect with. This feature lets us spread good vibes throughout the whole community. If you’d like to tell us about your experience or give a testimonial, send us an email at mystory@bemyeyes.com.

It is a FREE app available on both iPhones and Android phones.

Google Play Nominee

Be My Eyes was recently selected as a nominee for the annual Google Play Awards in the category of Best Accessibility Experience. The Google Play Awards celebrate achievements of the developer community over the past year, by recognizing the best apps and games across nine categories.

There are currently almost 1,000,000 volunteers on the app worldwide, with almost 71,000 visually impaired users.

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