This vibrating mobile phone alert can be a good device to keep you safe and awake when you need to be!

Why do I need this?

Often keeping our smartphones under the pillow may seem like a good idea for using the vibration to wake us. But if these devices are charging then it’s a very dangerous practice! You should never keep a charging device in your bed as there is a risk of fire.

What the vibrating mobile phone alert will do is provide a safe way for you to get those notifications. Also – the vibration is far, far stronger than on a smartphone too – so no excuses for not waking up on time!

So if you are using a mobile phone and if you are relying on it with flashing lights or vibrations, this is a safer option than putting it under your pillow or in your bed

How to use?

The vibration pad goes under your pillow instead, and when you get notifications it will vibrate, and flash.

You could even have one in a few places in the home, a living room for example, so that you can pop your phone on there and see the flashes.


This is not a charging dock though – which is my only criticism, you still need to plug your device in if you want to charge it. The device takes 6 AA batteries to operate too. (3 in the base and 3 in the vibrating pad)

You need a phone with settings that allow vibration. The vibrationĀ of the phone will trigger the vibration of this device.

Technical Information

  • Dimensions (WxH): 120 x 145 mm
  • Colour: black or metallic silver
  • Weight: 242 g (incl. batteries)
  • Power supply: 3x 1,5V R6 batteries

The lead from the Vibrating Pad is plugged into the back of the TimeFlash and the pad is placed under your pillow, removing the risk of a fire caused by putting your phone under the pillow.

The pad will vibrate when the alarm goes off. The vibrating pad is powered by 3 x AA alkaline batteries (supplied).

Where can I get one?

This device can be purchased online from several places.

From GDA: Who helpfully have a BSL video about the device on their website!

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