The Seeing AI app from Microsoft has been in testing and now released several months. This is a fantastic app that combines several features of some of the most used and popular apps for a person with a visual impairment. This is on my must have list! Link to the app store.

Listening to the app is a far better way to understand what the features are. There may be some features that you have been looking for in an app and because this app is also FREE it makes it a must have. The video below will explain the features.

Features include reading text from many sources, it even worked on some handwritten notes we had around the office. It identifies people with general locations and distance, and scans barcodes to tell you what the item is. It vibrates so you are aware of where the barcode is and if it is in view. It can also identify currency and colour.

The app will replace many apps on your phone. Or if you were considering buying some expensive apps to read text, I would suggest you try this first as you may not need any other app.

Another video of it in use:

You can read the information about this app from Microsoft.


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