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Magnificent Magnifier

Using a ‘traditional’  magnifier can sometimes mean you are carrying a large, heavy object. Since iOS 10, (around September 2016) Apple have now enhanced their accessibility settings again to include a magnifier that can be accessed with a simple quick triple-click of the home button. Read how to get this feature on your smartphone.


Consultancy & extended help service for Technology

We are very excited to bring you a range of services to enable you to use technology a little easier. We understand that sometimes it can be daunting to re-learn things that you already were doing or maybe taking up a new skill to do things differently – but let our experts lend a hand! More […]

amazon echo

Alexa Power

Amazon Echo is a device that works as a voice activated intelligent assistant. You speak any questions you have and Echo answers them through the Alexa service.

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Cities Unlocked

Information about the ongoing 3D soundscaping Microsoft Project for outdoor navigation.

3D printing

3D to see

There are now some 3D printers just for the home market and printers are being used for many reasons – and this is an interesting solution to printing a 3D map. It can be created in a relatively quick time and using google map coordinates you could print any map you want!

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Kiosk Launch Success!

Our kiosk launch event was a great success and the day was filled with great discussions about technology and resources for individuals with a visual impairment or hearing loss. 


Ok Google…

This post is about using iOS and Android software on a smartphone for accessibility.

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Donations Matched!

This year the Wilberforce Trust is taking part in Grow Your Tenner, an annual match funding campaign run by Localgiving. 

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Tech Drop in: Try Tech, Advice, Questions & Settings

Please come to our Tech Drop In Sessions. If you have a visual impairment or a friend or family member who may need help then visit a session. Sessions are the First & Third Tuesday, anytime between 10:30am – 2:30pm and you don’t need any technology experience at all.


Hear about our technology help service!

We went to talk with Vale Radio about the technology service we offer and why it’s so important. Have a listen, it might be something that affects you, a family member or a friend.

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Gadgets that see?

Prof. Amir Amedi’s been working in his world-renowned Lab for Brain and Multisensory Research, so that people with vision impairment can “see” their environment. This is with the aid of sensory substitution devices (SSDs) that provide visual information from sound and touch.


Launch of our Information Kiosk

We are very pleased to invite you to the launch of our Accessible information kiosk.

iOS apps

“What can a tablet do for me?”

What features and benefits a tablet can offer? Come in to have a chat and learn an easy way to: set alarms, reminders, play music, read books, send emails, contact family & friends and more! 

Vale Radio – have a listen!

Exciting news – on Tuesday, September 20th, our technology researcher will be having a chat with Steve Twynham of Vale Radio. Information from the website describes part of the show as: “Inspire is the No 1 place on the radio to hear truly Inspirational stories and great music. Inspire is also a platform for people […]

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Donate your old technology – laptops, tablets and mobiles

Do you have any technology that you are not using? We are seeking good quality laptops, tablets and smart phones to help our technology support service. With your unused items items we can support people with sight loss in using technology and navigating the inbuilt accessibility settings. Whether apple or android devices we can utilise […]

send a message

Send a hands-free message

Sending a text message can be a lot simpler to do if you use Siri. With Siri you can just tell your device what to send for you.

Android Device

Android Accessibility

How can you make your Android easier to use if you have a visual impairment? Any thoughts?

Jordyn Castor, engineer

Inspiring Apple Engineer

This wonderful article surfaced about an inspiring Apple Engineer – only 22 years old, and making changes to the partially sighted community. Jordyn Castor has been blind since birth and due to her passion and knowledge for technology she’s now working as an Apple Engineer.

moneyReader App

Money Reader

LookTel Money Reader for iOS recognises currency and will speak the denomination to you, a helpful quick app for anyone with a visual impairment or sight loss. 


OrCam Demo

Here at the Wilberforce Trust we are working to help people with a visual impairment or sight loss to use technology to help make things more manageable in their everyday lives. Our CEO Philippa came across this exciting new technology and we are looking forward to a demo in house!


Glasses Correct Color-Blindness

Someone affected with a red-green color-blindness, will be able to distinguish  between colors that they couldn’t previously.

Speak Screen, let your phone read content to you

Speak Screen is a great addition to accessibility tools for iOS products. You enable it in the accessibility settings and then when you want the screen contents to be read use a 2 finger swipe downwards motion on your screen.