Low Vision Clinic

What is low vision?

Low vision is when you find it hard to see clearly, even after an eye test or when wearing spectacles or contact lenses, and where this loss of vision causes disruption to daily activities.

The services we offer as part of our Low Vision Clinic are:

  • A full low vision assessment with an experienced Optometrist
  • A helpful discussion to make the most of your vision
  • How to use any aids
  • Handy hints and tips for keeping social and independent
  • Help to arrange transport to and from Low Vision Clinic
  • Referrals to the service (s) you need, including visits for assistance with lighting, mobility, equipment, etc.
  • Information on other services local to you


Contact Us
As a team we offer a range of support, ideas and equipment to help you. Please call us on 01904 760037 to book an appointment, as anyone registered with a GP in the City of York and North Yorkshire can be seen. We rely on kind donations to keep the service operating.


General Good Practice Guideline

  • Use good appropriate lighting, general lighting and lighting for specific tasks.
  • Give consideration to glare – from sunlight and other sources of light.
  • Have a consistent approach: try to keep objects in your home in the same place and have a system for finding things.
  • Use alternative methods to access information – for example audio and tactile aids.

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