This is a great way to get your own technology expert!

Are you interested in running your own technology support group? Looking for advice and what’s happening in the technology world? It may be that you want to run a technology support group for 2 hours. This might be to offer advice, or help with technology issues – maybe iPad related help or smartphones, or to learn about how to set up Alexa, and have an engaging and informative conversation. If you hire our technology expert to run these sessions then our per hour service is a great way to start!

This can be accommodated at the Trust or at your own accommodation.

  • run your own technology service
  • get advice for your organisation
  • host a small group for advice and help
  • watch a presentation on the latest technologies
  • see demonstrations of technology in use
  • one to one help
  • step by step guides
  • training
  • sessions for particular technology focus; smartphones, assistants etc.
  • and other uses!

For smaller organisations or specific training requests, we offer a standalone rate of £35 per hour (+ travel) for consultancy / training services / or for support group events, to be negotiated. Book the time you need and speak to us to find out what we can do for you!

Please call 01904 760037 to find out more or use our contact form to send an email.