The role of our fully qualified and experienced rehabilitation officer is varied and can include teaching Orientation and Mobility e.g. how to use a long cane to get about; techniques on how to complete everyday tasks such as preparing and cooking a meal safely; teaching Braille; and recommendations on lighting and colour contrast.

picture of cane on textured pavement

Also, our Rehabilitation Officers can assist by teaching specific skills to support people to remain in, or return to, work by assessing the environment and suggesting simple adjustments or alternatives resulting in positive outcomes for the person and their employer.

This assessment and training can be provided through our contracts with Social Services or may be paid for via disability payments or PIP’s.

If you have a visual impairment, or if you are an employer and you would like more information, advice or training, please contact us.

Our service is also available through Non- Medical Help Services. Hourly rate given below.

Please call 01904760037 for further information.



Mobility and Orientation Training

Yorsight have a fully qualified and experienced Mobility Officer who is able to offer mobility and orientation training on a sessional basis.


Non Medical Help Charge Rates (hourly):

Standard Rate (in-person) Net VAT Total
Mobility Trainer £25 n/a £25