picture of someone using smart phone and laptop

Most services today have websites for information, and online access is a necessity. No matter what your age or experience we can spend time with you, one to one or in a group setting to help you feel comfortable with the device that’s suitable for you.

A welcoming place to go, for help with technology.

Help getting started?

Setting up accessibility settings and getting comfortable with your smartphone or iPad; to get you up and running, you’ll be able to come back to us with your questions or things we can explain further.

What service can we offer and what’s right for you?

  • one to one sessions
  • group conversations and experience swap
  • a place to go to for advice that is consistent and informational
  • help you to set up your own device
  • offer resources that you or a friends or families can go to for additional help
  • helpline
  • advice columns online / in print

Who is this for?

  • new users to technologies, encouraged to try for the first time
  • little to no experience with current devices
  • someone who has experience, but now has a visual impairment
  • people who want new skills
  • improve existing skills and  come for technology advice
  • want to use technology in a new way (maybe navigation or baking)
  • who need help with the technology they currently have
  • families / friends who are helping to support someone
  • want to try the technology before making an investment
  • looking for advice if technology can bring anything useful to you

What else can we offer?

Other services that we will be offering include teaching, discussion topics and advanced technology help sessions.

Teaching / Assisting with Technology

  • One to one help and advice
  • Testing the technology yourself to see what suits you
  • Printing your own information sheets
  • Drop in Centre
  • Help / Advice for families on advice for someone who they are supporting
  • Presenting apps / applications
  • Open day / Open Evening for families
  • Courses for skillsets you’re interested in learning
  • Applying anti-glare film on your devices (for families / carers / friends)

Potential topics for further sessions

  • Setting up wifi
  • Setting up email
  • Using email
  • Using the Internet
  • Tablet basics (setting up your tablet)
  • Accessibility settings
  • Setting up / training Siri
  • Installing Apps
  • App Chat (what apps might benefit them?)
  • Setting up your home screen
  • VoiceAssist
  • Looking at technology, what’s useful to me / what are my needs?
  • General technology advice

Other session highlights will include , “Using apps” with app focus, i.e. Using Evernote, Noteshelf, Handwriting apps, Fitness, Shopping, Finance, Audio Labels, Overdrive…

Something missing that interests you? Want more help for the things you’re doing with technology?

Let us know using our contact form or phoning us and we’ll get back to you!

Technology Advice Advanced Sessions

  • Learning Audio Labels with Barcodes
  • Setting up address books
  • Using OverDrive

Communication with family and friends

  • Skype
  • FaceTime

Social Media

  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Publishing your own hobbies, interests and experiences

  • Creating a blog

Technologies that may help you – alternatives, such as Trackr tags for items, zoom lenses etc