New technology can be daunting but it can also be liberating. If you have a visual impairment/hearing loss or know someone who has, we are here to help! As part of our Yorsight services, we can provide support and training on the latest applications, devices and software to help you make the most of your device. We offer a variety of services that can help with the setup of a device and any ongoing support needed. Our technology support services help to identify where you need help and how we can best get the technical training to you.

As well as the initial support we offer sessions for you to have regular updates, help and ongoing assistance for the knowledge we provide. Read about our technology services:

Free Services

FREE DROP-IN 1st & 3rd TUESDAY MONTHLY (please check calendar for up to date information)

Drop in and see us anytime between 10:30 and 2pm. Bring your device, try out our devices if you don’t have one and are wondering about the benefits, and ask questions in a friendly helpful environment. Learn how to use the features that will best suit you, and find out more about the services you may find useful.

(Note: Our free services are possible through your kind donations, thank you.)

Other Services


by appointment or visit the hub and speak with our expert advisor

If you need help getting your device up and running or want more support to learn how to use the features of your device in a 1-2-1 setting then phone us to book an appointment when it’s convenient for you, or come to our Hub as there may be a specialist available to see you then.

These services have a nominal fee of £20 an hour, and you may purchase a single hour or a double session.

If that isn’t convenient then we can also advise by email or telephone where appropriate so get in touch and we can see how best to help.

Our advisor has many years teaching experience and holds a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) as well as an MSc and PhD.


Consultancy & Training

For businesses or organisations who want to ensure they have all the latest information about technology and accessibility, we can offer our Consultancy and Training courses.

Our experienced, specialist assistive technology advisor will come to you and deliver training that suits your needs. From knowing accessibility settings on computers and phones to advice on software, applications and inbuilt technologies, we offer a depth of information. 


Our Trainer Package consists of 7 days training throughout the year and costs £220 per day (plus transport).

We advise that a portion of these days are used for training so that individuals in an organisation are all trained in order to have a similar ‘base’ knowledge of accessibility settings, device and services. These are engaging sessions to explore services, hardware, basics of setting up a device and answering any questions that the group might have. Then we advise using the remaining days for ‘top-up’ or individual training to someone who may want to become the technology champion at your place of work for example.

This option offers long-term planning and support, with access to a specialist, current and relevant service throughout the duration of the agreement. Commissioning organisation would receive information, advice and training for staff and groups around new technologies and support the ongoing development of their own IT/AT services.

A day is 10am3pm and includes email and telephone support as appropriate. 


This is a great way to get your own technology expert, for example, to join a technology support group for 2 hours to offer advice, help with technology issues – maybe iPad related help or smartphones, and have an engaging and informative conversation. This is typically in a friendly relaxed atmosphere and can involve demonstrations of technology as well! For smaller organisations or specific training requests, we also offer a standalone rate of £35 per hour (plus travel) for consultancy/training services / or for support group events, to be negotiated. More Information

Please call 01904 760037 to find out more or use our contact form to send an email.


Talks, Demos and Presentations can also be booked and prices are available upon request.


What Where When Why Cost
Technology Drop-in Session Wilberforce Trust 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month. between 10:30 – 2pm Session aimed at helping in an opened and relaxed atmosphere. Ask questions, get advice or try some products out. FREE
Technology Drop-in Session York Explore Library, Central Library Spring 2017 – more information to follow Open sessions in the city centre, come any time to ask questions, try our technology and get advice about technology or our other services. FREE
One-to-One Support Wilberforce Trust/Outreach  by appointment A service that is about the training or help that you need. This is typically for smartphones, tablets or computers. We can set up devices or go through how to enable or use certain features. £20 per hour
Consultancy / Training Various by appointment Trainer Package consists of 7 days training throughout the year and costs £220 per day plus transport. This is a 7-day minimum package and it’s a retainer service for a year.  £220 per day, 7 ‘day’ sessions minimum
      Per hour support service is £35 per hour (plus transport); great for technology support groups that want to hire in our expert to help the group, or if you need specialist training for short periods of time. We suggest a minimum block of 2 hours is booked when using this service. £35 per hour
    by arrangement Talks, Demos and Presentations can also be booked and prices are available upon request. per request

The services we offer that are FREE are possible through donations so please give generously.

Services are bound by our terms and conditions.