Our Trainer Package consists of 7 days training throughout the year and costs £220 per day (plus transport).

We advise that a portion of these days are used for training so that individuals in an organisation are all trained in order to have a similar ‘base’ knowledge of accessibility settings, device, and services. These are engaging sessions to explore services, hardware, basics of setting up a device and answering any questions that the group might have.

Then we suggest using the remaining days for ‘top-up’ or individual training for someone who may want to become the technology champion at your place of work for example.

This option offers long-term planning and support, with access to a specialist, current and relevant service throughout the duration of the agreement. Commissioning organisation would receive information, advice, and training for staff and groups around new technologies and support of the ongoing development of their own IT/AT services.


A day is 10 am – 3 pm and includes email and telephone support as appropriate.

Additional hours may then be purchased by an organisation with a consultancy retainer for a discounted rate of £30 an hour.

We request that an initial meeting is organised so we can understand your needs and the services that are appropriate to your corporation. From that point, we will then work through a suitable plan for how some of the sessions might be allocated and how this will meet the needs in your specification. These can be configured and developed as some sessions take place.

We will work with you to provide the sessions you need for the dates you need. Typically there will be resources to accompany the sessions which will be online and may be paper based depending on the support requested.

Content Suggestions

Some of the information you may want to have as part of your session allocations:

  • initial ‘base’ of technology overview and settings/feature set overview
  • getting started with the iPad / smartphones
  • introduction to accessible features of iOS
  • Setup / Demo / Usage of:
    • Voice Over
    • Siri
    • Zoom
    • Speak Selection
    • Large Text
    • Other Accessibility Settings
  • advanced features
    • apps you might want to use and how the accessibility can be enabled
    • faceTime
    • Messages
    • Notes
    • Calendar
  • help sessions, troubleshooting your device
  • accessories that could enhance your experience

Remember, these are your sessions configured to meet your needs. Please speak with our expert who can help guide you to the best service possible.