People with sensory loss, visual or hearing impairment, may need assistance for a variety of reasons from someone who understands their needs.

Any business or organisation, especially those providing a public service such as shops, information points, transport or education, but also organisations like those providing care for the elderly or people with a disability, would benefit from staff who have been trained in how to assist someone with sensory loss effectively and safely.  Approximately 1 in 30 people in the UK have a visual impairment and approximately 1 in 6 people have a hearing impairment so it is highly likely that your organisation or service will be in contact with individuals who are sensory impaired.

Why book sensory awareness training with us?

We are fully qualified in the field of visual impairment, hearing loss, sensory (dual) loss, have in-depth experience of working with people with sensory impairments and we can tailor the training to your workplace needs.

With our training, you can provide valuable professional development to your employees and colleagues. Discover how to make communication, mobility, daily activities and the environment more easily accessible for someone with a sensory impairment. Get an insight into the barriers which people with sensory impairment can face and learn how best to support them.

What are the aims

  • This training course is an introduction to sensory impairment.
  • It will provide an overview of the different causes and conditions of sensory impairment and dual sensory loss and the emotional impact of this on the individual.
  • Demonstrate best practice in communicating and supporting people with a sensory loss as a colleague, peer, friend or member of the public.
  • Experience and understand the techniques people with a visual impairment use to mobilise, including sighted guide overview.
  • Get an understanding of the various types of equipment which can be used to benefit those with sensory impairments.

What you will learn

Discover how to make communication, mobility, daily activities and the environment more easily accessible for someone with a sensory impairment. Using simulation glasses you will engage in practical activities, identify problems and discuss solutions.

A half day session

Half day training would give 3.5 hour with the awareness sessions, information about equipment to support independent living but also an experiential opportunity to experience visual loss and learn guiding skills for working with someone with visual loss.

£500 for a half day training course which would take a maximum of 10 people.

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New: ‘bite-sized training modules’

Bitesize would give an 1.5 hour overview of visual awareness and hearing loss awareness.

We are now also delivering shorter sessions depending on your needs. This is typically based around 4 modules of information and focus. Typically these are delivered in one and half hour sessions.

  • Falls prevention
  • Sensory awareness
  • Effective communication
  • The ageing process

£40 per head, a maximum of ten per session.